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A random look at some of the musicians who put together the bands to entertain us....

                                         TOP ROW
* GEORGE HUXLEY: George Huxley's All Star
* BARRY GRUMMETT: New Orleans Heat
* ARTHUR BROWN: The Jazz Buddies

                                           MIDDLE ROW
* KEVIN GRENFELL: Kevin Grenfell's Jazz  Giants

* BRIAN MELLOR: Brian Mellor's Jazz Ramblers
* RICHARD LEACH(2): Club House Six  (below)
                                           BOTTOM ROW
* MATT PALMER:  Eagle Jazz Band also his All Stars
* JULIAN ALDRIDGE Jools and the Jazzaholics

* JOHN BURGESS:  John Burgess's Jelly Bean Jazz Band
* JOHN MEEHAN: Savannah Jazz Band